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8 November 2021

Centralised quoting, signing & paying with HubSpot Quotes

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Creating quotations, sending them and having them signed digitally. Within HubSpot, you can do all this under one roof in the same place where you manage your Deals & Pipeline. You no longer have to switch between all kinds of separate programmes. HubSpot Quotes allows you to work more efficiently as a sales professional. This leaves you more time for your real passion: supporting customers and selling! In this blog, we will highlight several features of HubSpot Quotes.

Does the following sound familiar? You have a sales meeting with a prospect and promise to provide a quotation as soon as possible. You look at your watch because you have to go to that important meeting. It is only later that you find the time to copy an existing quotation, of which you adjust the date, names and prices. At the end of the day, you send this version to your prospect, hoping that you haven't made a mistake.

The problem with the above scenario? You lose momentum: you prefer to provide quotes when the customer still has the product 'fresh' in his mind. Preferably right after he hangs up. After all, that is part of the broader [Inbound philosophy] of attract, engage and delight. During each buyer and customer journey stage, you want to exceed the expectations of (potential) customers.

Advantages of HubSpot Quotes

Working efficiently and without errors

By using HubSpot's Sales Quotes Tool, you can send out quotations centrally from within the Deals environment. With one click, you can extract the relevant contact and company data from the HubSpot CRM. This allows you to work faster and without errors because retyping and copying are a thing of the past.

Layout according to your company's design

With HubSpot Quotes, you can create recognisable quotes that match the look and feel of your organisation. You can add logos and images and choose your own colour scheme.

Signing digitally

With HubSpot Quotes, you can have agreements and documents, such as quotations, signed digitally, after which they are legally valid. This is done with an eSignature.

Centraal offreren, signeren & betalen met HubSpot Quotes

Requesting approval for shipment or amendment

Sales managers sometimes want to assess the conditions of a quotation. Or to check which discount is offered before the quotation is sent out the door. With HubSpot Quotes, this approval process can be fully automated. You can ask employees to make changes in this automated process. Is everyone satisfied? Then, as the sales manager, you give them permission to send it.

Steps to prepare a quotation using HubSpot Quotes

To give you a sense of how easy and fast it is to create a quotation in HubSpot, we provide a short description in words and pictures below.

Quotation data

In HubSpot, you will find Quotes in the menu under Sales. When you have clicked on Quotes, the first step is to assign an existing customer, a Deal, to the quotation. Of course, you can also create a new Deal first.

Next, you will create your quotation. First, choose a template and indicate an expiry date. By default, this date is set to 90 days, but you can also choose 60 or 30 days or pick your own date. Once the validity date has passed, your contacts will no longer be able to see it. They will have to contact you again.

Not every prospect is the same. That is why you can put extra information that your prospect needs to know in the 'customer to buyer' field. Do you often have the same information that you want to share here? Then use HubSpot snippets. Time gained!

Furthermore, you can state your sales conditions in the 'Purchase terms'.

Centraal offreren, signeren & betalen met HubSpot Quotes

Linking specific contacts

When you started, you had linked the right organisation ('Deal') to the quotation. HubSpot automatically links the contacts within this organisation to your account. Is it not necessary to send the offer to everyone? Then uncheck the checkbox. Needless to say, it is also possible to add new contacts.

Check your own contact details

HubSpot gets your personal data from your profile. Information about the organisation is taken from the company settings. Naturally, it is always possible to amend the quotation you are preparing.

Selecting the services and products

You can add items from your product library. You can also add new products and services directly to the current offer. Items added from the product library can also be edited. In the line editor, you can amend items such as unit price, quantities, tax rates and discounts.

Signature and payment

The E-sign functionality comes from HelloSign. You do not have to create an account with this company. If a signature is required, you indicate this by clicking the appropriate radio button. If the signature of certain people is required, you indicate that by checking the checkbox in front of their name. You can do the same for colleagues as countersigners. You do this by selecting the employee from a dropdown menu.

Centraal offreren, signeren & betalen met HubSpot Quotes

Please note: there is a limitation to the e-signature. With a Sales Pro licence, you have access to 10 signatures per user and 30 signatures per user with a Sales Enterprise licence. You can increase the number of signatures to 100 for 48 euros per month.

In conclusion

The purpose of this blog was to give you a sense of how easy it is to create quotations in HubSpot. Professional quotations with your company's own design that are very quick to prepare. With HubSpot Quotes, you are able to incorporate the entire quotation process into the broader sales process. It remains software, which is why we will gladly give you a Demo. You can also ask any other questions you may have, and we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

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