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Offer your customer a personal online experience without compromising on design

Customers visit your website to find out information about your organisation. So you want to present yourself optimally online, inform the customer and ultimately convince them. By building your CMS website and CRM into one platform, you learn more about your customer, and you have the opportunity to give them a personalised online experience. At Cuex, we are experts in CMS development. We work with the latest technology and create environments that collect all the relevant data without compromising on design.


As an organisation, you want to track and keep the online behaviour of the site visitor as much as possible in your CRM. For example, consider which products the customer visits and which content they download. Moreover, retention behaviour is also an important indication. Data allows you to analyse and optimise in order to subsequently create online success. By connecting your CMS and CRM, you can store all data in the CRM that is entered on the website. This allows you to build a better digital profile of your customer. At the same time, all the data you have in the CRM enables you to offer the site visitor a personal online experience.

At Cuex, we help companies and organisations develop a CMS that collects and processes the data straight away. This gives your customer personal and relevant content, which substantially increases the opportunity of a conversion.

Do you want to increase the likelihood of a conversion and do you want more insight into your customers? Then contact an expert at Cuex. We are happy to tell you more about our approach and what we can do for your company or organisation.

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Heracles Almelo

Generate new business more effectively via smart, online lead generation

Heracles Almelo is one of the oldest football clubs in the Netherlands and plays at the highest level in the Eredivisie, the Dutch League. The club has a loyal group of regional business sponsors.

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