With optimisation, you are really profitable

A well-developed and integrated CRM and CMS form the foundation of customer success. But those who really want to distinguish themselves will see the essence of optimisation. By optimising your CRM and CMS you get the most out of it. And ‘the most’ can constitute something different for every company or organisation. We at Cuex will help you find out what that means for you. With our years of experience, we know how to optimally use the endless possibilities of CRM and CMS for the benefit of your company.


As a company, you choose a CRM because you want all information related to your customers to be stored in one place. A CRM is often a complex product that requires a lot of knowledge to be able to work with it. That has to do with the enormous possibilities it offers. But you might give the feeling that you're lost in a sea of endless possibilities. Setting up a tool such as HubSpot requires several disciplines. In addition to your CRM, you also have a whole scope of different tools at your disposal. Think of an accounting programme, an ERP package, or a project management system, all of which should communicate with each other in order for your CRM to perform optimally. Software such as HubSpot is continuously evolving. At Cuex we make sure that your CRM and CMS properly adapt to any changes, and better yet, is even one step ahead of the development.

Working together with Cuex does not immediately entail that you have to implement a completely new environment. It all has to do with the landscape you work with and what other wishes you have. To get a good insight into what you want, have and need, we conduct an audit first. In this audit, we address the strengths, but we also indicate where there's room for improvement. Optimising results in time, growth, or process improvement. This allows you to create a CRM platform that does exactly what you want.

Do you want to know what Cuex can do for your company? Then contact our optimisation experts directly. They are at your disposal, ready to offer advice and show you all the possibilities.

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