We deliver CRM technology developed based on human value. We call it Attentive Technology.


We are experts in CRM technology, implementation and optimisation.

At Cuex, we help companies digitally connect with their customers in a smarter way. With the right CRM technology, you achieve the added value you are looking for. The added values such as growth, time, and optimisation of your organisation.


We see technology as a requirement for optimising the human value of digital customer contact.

Implementing from initial idea to completion

CRM implementation

A CRM system is the lifeline for marketing, sales and service. It is an essential tool for companies that take their customers seriously. A well-designed CRM system ensures that everyone who is in contact with the customer has the right information at their disposal. Cuex helps implement a successful CRM from A to Z.


From a quick online order to a streamlined water softener installation

With Cuex we zoomed in on the information needs of different functions within our organization. What does the inside sales team need to perform optimally and how is that for a mechanic on site? When everyone gets what they need out of HubSpot, we are able to achieve handling excellence.

The website linked to your CRM

CMS development

By building your CMS website and CRM in one platform, you learn more about your customer and you have the opportunity to give him or her a personal online experience. At Cuex we are experts in CMS development. We work with the latest technology and create environments that collect all data without compromising on design.


Generate new business more effectively via smart, online lead generation

Heracles Almelo is one of the oldest football clubs in the Netherlands and plays at the highest level in the Eredivisie. The club has a loyal group of regional business sponsors.


“The biggest gain of online lead generation is that we have streamlined our sales process. Thanks to this new system, we are now, more than before, getting a seat at larger organisations. In terms of image, Cuex - and HubSpot - have enabled the club to professionalise its online marketing. One that fits the image that we as a professional club pursue.”

Tom Uitzetter - Heracles Almelo

Achieve improvement


A well-developed and integrated CRM and CMS form the foundation of customer success. But those who really want to distinguish themselves will see the essence of optimisation. By optimising your CRM and CMS you get the most out of it. And ‘the most’ will constitute something different for every company or organisation. We at Cuex will help you find out what that means for your company.


HubSpot: from burden to highly-valued marketing and sales tool

CultuurWerkt supplies cultural subscriptions to Dutch companies. The employees of these organisations - from teachers, lawyers to welders - can order tickets for performances in the webshop.

Discover these 50 hacks to use HubSpot even more effectively

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Attentive technology, that's what it's all about. Want to know more about how we make technology work?