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8 November 2021

9 ideas for increasing your online visibility during the corona period

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Being visible online is a must for organisations active in the B2B market. Do you want to bring in new leads or upsell to existing customers? Then it is essential that you reach the right professionals at (potential) customers. Once again, COVID-19 is forcing us to increase our online visibility & presence. We discuss 9 ideas in this blog.


#1 - Blogging: share your experience

We are all in the same boat. Our (potential) customers and suppliers are facing restrictions and also problems because of COVID-19. Show that you can turn a difficult situation into an opportunity. Attract leads by allowing them to see what's happening behind the scenes.

Use humour in blogs to tell potential customers what you can do for them. Share with them how you are dealing with this pandemic. Are you scaling back some services while boosting others? What is it like working from home? What software are you using? Write informative blogs that are recognisable to professionals. Give tips and inspire confidence.

Of course, you also want to measure the results of your efforts. Which blogs do your readers find most interesting? You can see this on your Marketing Dashboard in HubSpot. If you click further on a blog, you will see interesting figures such as:

  • number of page views;

  • number of completed webforms;

  • average bounce rate;

  • reading time per view;

  • number of exits

HubSpot also shows you the channel through which visitors arrive at the online article. Think of direct traffic via search, social media or via other websites.blogging

#2 - Google My Business: Online introduction

Google My Business is a free tool to increase your online visibility on the web. It is especially interesting for organisations that want to attract leads locally. It is an online profile, your digital business card, which appears in someone's search results when they google your product or service. 

That business profile appears in the search results of Google as well as in Google Maps. A business profile makes it possible to enter into interaction with customers more quickly. To add experience.

  • Briefly describe your product or service;
  • Include opening hours, prices and contact information;
  • Add photos to create an atmosphere;
  • Create trust by including current reviews and responding to them.

#3 - SMS: fast communication about COVID-19

Is SMS out of date? Certainly not! It remains an excellent medium for short, quick messages. Suppose an employee is tested positive for COVID-19. Immediately send a message via SMS to business relations with whom he has recently been in contact. 

Furthermore, you can e-mail an adjusted timetable to suppliers or indicate where your complete 'corona protocol' can be found on the website. Show that the health of employees, customers and suppliers comes first.

For example, certified third-party app integrations are available for HubSpot to integrate SMS into your workflows. You can find these in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

#4 - Mailings: more attention to inbox due to working from home

Do you know how to excite prospects with a subject that is in keeping with the corona crisis? Professionals work from home (more often) and spend more time at their PC or laptop. The chances are that they pay more attention to their inbox.

With HubSpot, you can funnel leads into sequences that match their lifecycle stage, industry and many other attributes. Read our blog about workflows to get the attention of your existing client base. Furthermore, you can personalise the mailings, and it is possible to let leads exit a sequence the moment they have completed the desired task. For example, after they have scheduled an appointment via an online meeting tool. Below you can see a screenshot from HubSpot for posting a meeting link. Quick and efficient!

sales-meetings-3Screenshot HubSpot to implement meeting tool

#5 - Online advertisements: an extra boost during difficult times

With Inbound, you generate a steady flow of leads to your website. The goal is to increase your organic findability. You can stimulate traffic to your website by regularly advertising via Google Adwords or social networks during the corona crisis.

Depending on your target group, choose channels such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. You can already advertise online with a small budget and precisely target your audience based on criteria.

For example, link your LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot. Then you can quickly start with targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns. You will, of course, keep track of which ads perform well. You can use these insights when creating your next ad!

#6 - Podcast: invite relevant professionals

COVID-19 is forcing professionals to tread new paths to keep their heads above water. However, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time.

Produce a podcast, for example. Short, lively interviews with directors, managers and entrepreneurs from your sector. What impact does the crisis have on their organisation and employees? What do they think the business world will look like after COVID-19?

#7 - Social media: social proof and LinkedIn Navigator

Make more use of social proof. Increase the reach of messages by using employees' social media channels. Apart from more exposure, this has a second advantage. Your employees all have their own expertise, cases and experiences.

Allowing employees to share posts on topics that fit their area of expertise makes your company look more personal and convincing. Your employees are experts in their field: make use of that. Link your employees' social media accounts to HubSpot.

With social media metrics, you can then compare contributions based on the number of clicks, likes and shares. Is there a post that clearly stands out? If so, consider cloning such a post within HubSpot and allowing other contributors to share it.

HubSpot integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This powerful tool allows you to access LinkedIn functionality directly from your contact records in HubSpot. You can:

  • Send InMail messages from your HubSpot contact records;
  • View shared connections, experiences and interests;
  • Shared connections request an introduction to your new contact;
  • Identify new valuable connections in your target account.

Facebook can also be linked to HubSpot. For example, you can use HubSpot to set up a content calendar, schedule posts, upload multiple posts simultaneously, and, of course, assess which posts are performing well. You can also keep track of whether you are actually generating new contacts with your posts.

Screenshot integration HubSpot and LinkedIn

#8 - From a webinar to an online event

Show your expertise via webinars. It is an excellent way to get to know and 'seduce' high-quality leads in a targeted manner. Moreover, we will continue to meet each other online after COVID-19. We recently organised an online event ourselves. The topics?

  • Account Based Marketing;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Video Marketing;
  • Inbound;
  • Conversational Marketing;
  • Marketing Automation.

These are all topics to increase your online visibility and enter into a dialogue with (potential) customers. Time travel on ms2025. Perhaps it will inspire you for your next webinar or online event.

#9 - Chatbots: 24/7 service

Conversational marketing is in the spotlight once again! Nowadays, it is possible to engage with individual leads, prospects, and customers; pleasant one-on-one conversations with leads when convenient for them.

You can turn visitors into interested leads with live chats and chatbots. With software like HubSpot, it is possible to take conversational marketing [link to blog] to the next level. Nowadays, people want answers to their questions 24/7. Especially during this corona crisis in which many B2B professionals work from home.

Chatbot functionality is constantly expanding. They answer FAQs, store contact information, qualify leads, schedule appointments, promote events products and content and gather feedback from visitors.

Chatbots are an indispensable addition to quickly being of service to your visitors and prospects. Place chatbots primarily on pages that generate a lot of traffic. Within HubSpot, their content can be fully optimised for your organisation.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-18 om 12.39.46Voorbeeld van een chatbot gemaakt in HubSpot

In short

Increasing your online visibility is necessary to be successful in B2B. COVID-19 reinforces this need! In this blog, we provided some tips and ideas on how to increase your visibility. Do you have questions or want to know more about Inbound, Account Based Marketing or HubSpot? Tell us your story! We will gladly brainstorm with you!

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